PULSE referenced at Maritime Surveillance Workshop

Paul Kiernan, CTO of Skytek Limited, gave a presentation at the Maritime Surveillance Workshop held in Maynooth University on the 22nd April 2016.  The workshop brought together various stakeholders including Service Providers, Government Agencies, and the Marine Research Community to review platforms, sensors & observation methodologies for mapping, monitoring & tracking activities in coastal and off-shore waters around Ireland. It also provided attendees with an updated overview of the current services, research, technologies and applications in Marine technology and offered suggestions as to how these could be improved, enhanced or developed. Paul provided an overview of some of the technology that Skytek is working on including the cutting edge innovation software that Skytek had developed to date through its current software development and project involvement.  Paul referenced the Pulse project which is focused on the development of decision support tools for improving preparedness and response of Health Services involved in emergency situations with the aim of mitigating the loss of life and raising the survival rate amongst mass casualties.