PULSE objectives are:banner4

  1. To develop a standardised approach to improving preparedness, response and decision making across Europe for specific major medical emergencies.
  2. To provide an EU wide operational and technical framework to enable risk managers to undertake a threat analysis situation assessment and forecast and to react accordingly with effective decision making, resources and logistics planning, assignment and control.
  3. To develop innovative technology and tools to support preparedness, response and decision making and present a common operational picture to emergency personnel
  4. To identify how improved legislation, directives and guidelines across Europe could improve decision making, preparedness and co-operation across , taking into consideration the protection of human rights and social norms. A pan European roadmap will be developed.
  5. To develop an open operational and technical platform which will define, develop and validate procedures and processes, develop architecture and a set of technologies and tools to improve –by design– the preparedness, reliability and preparedness of European states to manage a medical crisis.
  6. To develop a draft suite of European standard for large scale medical emergency including ‘common vocabulary and definitions’ – suitable for Europe and an integral part of our dissemination strategy.
  7. To promote PULSE and the project results – timely and efficiently disseminate the project results; implement feasibility study and environmental analysis for effective exploitation of the project results.

The PULSE platform will be designed with respect to two specific scenarios: a stadium crush at a large concert in Dublin, Ireland and a SARS-like epidemic in Italy. Both will involve cross-border support from neighbouring countries.

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