PULSE – PANDEM workshop

PULSE project was presented at PANDEM workshop in a joint activity held on September 29th in Brussels, Belgium. PULSE was represented by Peter Daly, who is also on the PANDEM advisory board,  Paolo Pucci and Francesco Malmignati. Our colleagues have been invited to provide feedback regarding the work done so far  in PANDEM as well as suggestions and proposals to overcome the gaps identified  in three different areas of pandemic response and emergency management: “Surveillance/Information Management and Logistics”, “Governance and Communications” and “Training and Diagnostics”. During the workshop our colleagues explained solutions that could build on what is already completed in PULSE in order to address some of the gaps and try to help in identifying new possible ways to overcome them. Pandemic Risk and Emergency Management – PANDEM (Grant Agreement number: 652868), is a Coordination and Support action funded by the Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Programme (H2020-DRS-2014/2015) under the topic: Crisis management 4: Feasibility study for strengthening capacity-building for health and security protection in case of large-scale pandemics – Phase I Demo.