PULSE ethical impact assessment report: Call for feedback!

The PULSE consortium invites feedback on the final report of its Legal, Ethical and Societal Impact work package. The report, coordinated by Trilateral Research, is titled Review of ethical issues affecting PULSE (Ethical Impact Assessment Report) and documents the research, actions taken, and recommendations resulting from the work package. The report is a living document that was regularly updated during the project, in consultation with project partners and the PULSE Ethical Review Committee. The report examines the ethical, legal and societal issues related to the PULSE platform; outlines the ethical legal and societal issues in the context of the PULSE scenarios (i.e. Emerging Viral Disease and Mass Casualty Incident); presents the results of the internal and external ethical impact assessments of the PULSE tools, and addresses data protection issues. It summarises how the PULSE project integrates the EIA outcomes, and presents the final conclusions and recommendations of WP8. Deadline for comments: 14 October 2016.

D8.2 – Review of ethical issues_26 Sept 2016

Please email all feedback and comments to: rowena.rodrigues@trilateralresearch.com