PULSE was presented at the 17th European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery

Daniele Gui and Sabina Magalini, Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore (UCSC ) – Italy, attended the 17th European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery held at Reed Messe Wien Congress Center, Vienna, Austria   on 24-26 April 2016. PULSE was presented into the “CROSS BORDER ISSUES AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES” section chaired by Pedro Ramos, Funchal/PT & Boris Hreckovski, Bukovlje/HR. The presentation made by our colleagues was focused on Decision Support System and the mathematical models developed in PULSE. The presentation highlighted the support provided by PULSE for the key decision makers, by integrating a suite of models/simulations and analysis tools, able to provide insights into the collective behavior of the Health Services. The role of the high technology in fostering an enhanced use of the available resources during a major emergency was very well received by the participants.